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Junior English

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1st hour      prep/no class
2nd hour     Junior English
3rd hour      Junior English
4th hour      Junior English
  5th hour      Junior English
  6th hour       Junior English

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Contact info:

email (preferred method):
phone:  734-783-3333 ext. 2869


Classroom Expectations for Junior English 2017-2018

Mrs. Kelly  D203    734-783-3333 ext. 2869



Course Description:

This course is a required course for 11th grade English credit for graduation.

Semester 1: The course consists of a survey of American literature with two anchor novels, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, with supplemental readings. In addition to the two novel units, there will be writing units focusing on argumentative and analytical writing.

Semester 2:  The course consists of a survey of American literature with two anchor novels, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, with supplemental readings. In addition to the two novel units, there also be writing units focusing on argumentative and analytical writing.


Required class materials:

-a separate notebook for this class only (to be used for writing, notes, and vocabulary)

-folder or binder for this class only

-writing utensil

-novel (when applicable)


Cell phone/electronics policy:

There may be times throughout the course that the use of these items may be permitted. Use of these items without teacher permission, though, will result in disciplinary action. You will NOT be permitted to plug in your phone to charge in my room--it will be confiscated if you attempt this.


Writing/Vocabulary Notebook:

There will be writing prompts for you to write about in your notebook. You will be required at times (usually on a weekly basis) to choose an entry to write about and turn in for a grade. I will give further information about this when the time arrives.


Students will be required to keep documentation of weekly vocabulary activities in his/her notebook as well. The notebook will also be used for writing assignments (see above) to encourage further understanding of the words for future daily use.



            1. Homework is due at the beginning of class on the day after it is
                assigned unless 
otherwise specified.

            2. Late work will be accepted but for partial credit.

 3. Printer issues do not constitute an excuse for late work.


Makeup Work

1. Makeup work is YOUR responsibility. The school policy allows
    one day of makeup 
time for each school day missed.

2. Check the binder on the side counter for copies of missing

3. See me to schedule a time for quizzes or tests to be made up. They
    must be made up 
within one week during class time to obtain   



1. Your grade will be determined by assessments (tests and quizzes)
     and writing 
assignments (including essays, projects, and
     reflections), as well as other a
ssignments and homework.

Grades are based on a weighted scale as follows:

Quizzes/tests/essays/projects 65% of overall grade
Homework/Classwork 20% of overall grade
Final Exam  15% of overall grade

2. Updated grades as well as class/assignment information and due
    dates can be 
viewed through both Student and Parent Connect.

3. Parents who wish to check on student progress should email me,
    and I will respond
within 48 hours.



Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty and integrity are expected from all students at all times. Any attempt to cheat, plagiarize, falsify information, or receive credit for work you did not do will be considered dishonest behavior and be dealt with accordingly. If you are ever in doubt about whether or not an action would be considered cheating or plagiarism, then don’t do it.


In order to be successful in reaching our teaching and learning goals, we must work together as a whole. It is important that every student be sensitive and respectful to one another. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation. I look forward to our time  together.


“Literature becomes the living memory of a  
Alexander Solzhenitsyn


To: Parent or Guardian

From: A. Kelly

Re: Course Policies

Date: September 6, 2017


Each student has received a copy of the course guidelines and the website information for my class. We have reviewed these policies, and I am forwarding them to you. The school policies regarding attendance, tardiness, dress code, and grading are available in the student handbook on the district’s website. Students will be assigned two novels during each semester of the class and will also use supplemental readings.


I would appreciate you and your son/daughter reviewing these policies together. If you have any further questions regarding course or district policies, please feel free to contact me at the high school. I can be reached at or (734) 783-3333, extension 2869.


Thank you in advance for your concern and interest in your child’s education.


Adrienne Kelly