United States History and Geography A

United States History & Geography A

NYC c. 1900

Online Book

​Students can access the online book by clicking on this link.  Students will need their Pearson Realize username (email) and password that they used for their biology and economics classes as a sophomore.

Extra Credit

Extra credit can be obtained in several ways.  First, there will be extra credit readings that can be completed using the extra credit reading worksheet: Extra Credit Article.doc. Readings will be announced in class or posted on the website below and are worth 5-15 points depending on the article and the quality of work turned in. 

A maximum of 30 points per semester can be earned for the extra credit articles.

Also, students can come to class before or after school to review the last test they have taken.  Students can correct their test and earn 1 extra credit point in the homework category for every question that they correct.  This process can be completed after every test (except for the final exam).

Course Content

U.S. History & Geography A covers the years 1877-1945 and is broken into the following units:

Remember that you must be logged into your school Google email account to access many of the resources below.  Do so by going to www.gmail.com and log in using your studentname@wbsdweb.com and then the password you use to log into the computers at school.

Introduction to Historical Study (Class Information)
        Historical Thinking Skills Notes
        Football Game POV Activity
        Evaluating Sources Activity
        Study Guide Question/Essay Format
        Historical Themes-SPICE Chart Notes
Blank SPICE Chart
        Political Cartoon Analysis Notes

Unit 1: Development of an Industrial and Urban America
Part 1: Industrialization Transforms Traditional America
   Unit 1, Part 1 Learning Targets and Study Guide
           Notes for U1 P1 Learning Targets
   Unit 1, Part 1 Vocabulary
        America, the Story of Us: "Civil War" Video Worksheet
                Link to "Civil War" Video
        Why Reconstruction Matters Article
        Topic 2, Section 1 FBI Notes: Industrialization
             Industrialization Notes (Not completed in class; for extra help)
             Industrialization Crash Course Video (Took notes in journal section)
        The Industrial Boom Document Based Question Worksheets (DBQ)
        Topic 2, Section 2 FBI Notes: Growth of Big Business
        Ideologies of Wealth: Big Business and Beliefs PowerPoint Notes
        Toward a Monopoly: Horizontal and Vertical Integration Worksheets
        Social Philosophies of the 19th Century Reading and Questions
        Topic 2, Section 4 & 5 SPICE Notes: A Nation of Cities
        "Whiteness" & Immigration Policy Article and Activity
              Immigration Atlas Activity
        Nativism DBQ Worksheets
        America: The Story of Us, "Cities" Video and Worksheet
               Urbanization PowerPoint Notes (not completed in class)
              Immigration and Urbanization Crash Course Video
         Topic 2, Section 6 Web Diagram Notes or FBI Notes: New Ways of Life
         Urban Culture PowerPoint Notes
            Mass Leisure and Entertainment Timeline and Brochure
            1900s Culture: First Films Video
        "The Amazing Race" Ty Cobb Reading and Worksheets
                 Link to story on Sports Illustrated website here
         Topic 5, Section 4 Web Diagram Notes or FBI Notes: The Postwar Economic Boom
         Henry Ford's Assembly Line Reading and Worksheet
         Advertising Activity
         Unit 1 Part 1 Crossword Puzzle- Vocabulary Review
         Unit 1 Part 1 Binder Check Sheet
Part 2: Immigration, Urbanization, and Politics​
   Unit 1 Part 2 Learning Targets
        Notes for U1 P2 Learning Targets
   Unit 1 Part 2 Vocabulary
        Topic 3, Section 3: Corruption Plagues the Nation FBI Notes and Web Diagram
        Politics in the Gilded Age Political Cartoons
            Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet
            Gilded Age Politics Crash Course Video
        Topic 2, Section 3: Unions FBI Notes and Web Diagram
        Labor Unions PowerPoint Notes
        Eugene V. Debs and Unionism Reading with Questions
        Homestead Strike Video       
        Topic 3, Section 4 FBI: Farm Issues and Populism FBI Notes and Web Diagram
        Election of 1896 and Populism Notes
        Farmers Responses DBQ
        Parable of Populism Notes
             Video Excerpt from Bryan's "Cross of Gold" Speech
       "Executive Retreat" President's Video and Worksheet
        Topic 4, Section 1: Progressives Drive Reform FBI Notes and Web Diagram
        Progressivism PPT Notes
        Urban Inspectors Assignment
             Urban Inspectors Graphic Organizer
             Progressivism Crash Course Video
         Topic 4, Section 2: Women's Rights FBI Notes and Web Diagram
         Progressivism and Women's Rights PPT Notes
              Rauschenbusch & the Social Gospel Document
              19th Amendment Debate Documents
        Settlement House Movement Documents
              Women's Suffrage Crash Course Video
        Topic 4, Section 4: Reformers in the White House FBI Notes and Web Diagram
        Progressive Presidents Packet
             Progressive Presidents Crash Course Video
        "Call of Duty" President's Video and Worksheet
         Unit 1 Part 2 Crossword Puzzle
         Unit 1 Part 2 Binder Check Sheet

Unit 2: America Enters the Modern World
Part 1: Imperialism and WWI
   Unit 2 Part 1 Learning Targets
        Notes for Unit 2 Part 1 Learning Targets
   Unit 2 Part 1 Vocabulary
        Topic 4 Section 5 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: American Influence Grows
        Hawaiian Revolution Reading and Questions
        Roots of American Imperialism Notes
        Philosophy of Imperialism Primary Sources
            American Imperialism Crash Course Video
        Topic 4 Section 6 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: The Spanish American War
        Spanish American War Notes
             Spanish American War Documents
             Spanish American War Organizer
        Imperial Debate Primary Sources
        Topic 4 Section 7 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: The U.S. Emerges as a World Power
        T.R. and Wilson Political Cartoons
        Topic 5 Section 1 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: Start of WWI
        Road to World War I Notes
              Road to WWI Graphic Organizer
        U.S. Entry into WWI Notes
              U.S. Entry Primary Sources
              Extra Notes about U.S. Entry into WWI
        World War I Crash Course Video
        Topic 5 Section 2 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: The Home Front During WWI
        WWI Propaganda Notes and Assignment
        Sedition in WWI Primary Source Activity and Sources
        Topic 5 Section 3 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: The End of WWI
        14 Points Notes and Activity
              14 Points vs. Treaty of Versailles Venn Diagram
              Treaty of Versailles Map Activity
        Topic 5 Section 4/6 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: Post WWI Problems
        Sacco and Vanzetti Video Worksheet
        Red Scare Notes
               Red Scare Primary Source Document Analysis
        Unit 2 Part 1 Vocabulary Review Crossword
        Unit 2 Part 1 Binder Check Sheet
Part 2: Boom and Bust
        Unit 2 Part 2 Learning Targets and Study Guide Worksheet
             Notes for Unit 2 Part 2 Learning Targets
        Unit 2 Part 2 Vocabulary
        Topic 5 Sections 5 & 6 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: Unsettled Society
        Fundamentalism vs. Modernism PPT Notes
             KKK Reading
        Roaring 20s Boom Video and Questions
        Topic 4, Section 3 & Topic 5, Section 8 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: The Harlem                            Renaissance
         "Stealing North" Richard Wright PPT Notes and Reading with Questions
         Washington vs. DuBois Notes
             Washington vs. DuBois Primary Sources
             Washington vs. DuBois Graphic Organizer
        Harlem Renaissance PPT Notes
        Topic 5, Section 7 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: The Roaring 20s
        Mass Media and Culture in the Roaring 20s PPT Notes
             Zelda Fitzgerald "Rebel Without a Pause" Reading and Questions
        Crash Course Video: The Roaring 20s
        Age of Prosperity Primary Sources and Analysis Worksheets
        Topic 6, Section 1 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: Causes of the Great Depression
        Great Depression Crash Course Video
        Fault of the Great Depression Worksheet
        Topic 6, Section 2 & 3 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: Americans Suffer
        Poverty in the Depression Notes
        Bonus Army Reading and Questions
        Roosevelt vs. Hoover- Election of 1932 Primary Sources
        Unit 2 Part 2 Vocabulary Review Crossword
        Unit 2 Part 2 Binder Check Sheet

Unit 3: The Roosevelt Years
Part 1: The New Deal
        Unit 3 Part 1 Learning Targets
              Unit 3 Part 1 LT Notes
        Unit 3 Part 1 Vocabulary
        Topic 6 Part 3 (B) FBI Notes and Web Diagram: Americans Suffer
         Crash Course Video: The New Deal
        1930s Bust Video and Questions
        Topic 6, Section 4 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: New Deal Expands
        Goals of the New Deal: Fireside Chat Notes and Discussion
               1st Fireside Chat: Audio Clip and Written Transcript
               2nd Fireside Chat Transcript
        United We Sit (Wagner Act) Reading and Questions
        Social Security Primary Source Documents/Questions and Interpretations
        Topic 6, Section 5 and 6 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: Effects of the New Deal
        New Deal Critics Worksheet
        Topic 7, Section 1 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: WWII Begins
        Changing Fashions in Government Worksheet
                Political Ideologies Notes
         "It Wasn't Just Hate" Fascism Article
        Appeasement in Europe Notes
                 Appeasement Documents and Questions
        Road to War Video
                 Vocabulary Activity and Questions
Part 2: World War II
     Unit 3 Part 2 Learning Targets
         Unit 3 Part 2 LT Notes
     Unit 3 Part 2 Vocabulary
         Topic 7, Section 2 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: Americans Debate Involvement
         America the Story of US: "World War II" Video Worksheet
         Crash Course Video: World War 2, a War for Resources
               Video Questions PPT Slides
          American Reactions to Fascist Aggression Worksheets
         "The Four Freedoms" Speech: Notes, Videos, and Questions
          Topic 7, Section 3 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: America Enters the War
          World War II Map Activity: Instructions and Blank Maps of Europe and Asia
          Topic 7, Sections 4 and 6 (Part A) FBI Notes and Web Diagram: Fighting WWII
          World War II: Strategies and Challenges Notes
          Start of War in the Pacific Notes
                Ghost Soldiers Reading and Reading Organizer
          Topic 7, Section 5 FBI Notes and Web Diagram: WW2 on the Homefront
          Crash Course US History Video: World War II on the Homefront
          Zoot Suit Riots PPT Notes and Document Activity
          Japanese Internment PPT Notes and Reading
          World War II War Poster Slides and Questions
          Unit 3 Binder Check Sheet
          Final Exam Timeline Review Activity